Hyderabad Diaries

Thursday, December 15, 2005

House Hunting - Agonies, Calosity and Somersault

Staying at home and with parents never let's you flip the coin over to know the nuances and 'How Tos' of house hunting. And, when the pleasant morning arrives for you to look for a shelter, you'll most likely realize you woke up late enough, for all the 'house for rent' ads are taken. True said minus exaggeration...if you don't grab at it, your fellow IT indweller will. I stress on it cz that's what I faced for the first week I set out looking for a rented apartment. If you rise late and shine 'later'...well, better luck next year.

All property dealers are beyond moronic comprehension. If you ask them for an apartment, they'll lead you to a pent house. Asking for an independent house will lead you to an abandoned shack of phone booth in the middle of nowhere. And their monthly earnings will constitue your house rent. Again, no exaggeration and it only gets worse if you say "Telugu raadhu" (translates to "I do not know Telugu") in a natively incomprehensible accent.

All security guards come handy...of prospective apartments and of those you live in. Befriend them, salute back, fold your hands in namaste, do an elaborate bharatanatyam vanakkam or at the least smile on your entry and exit. They'll voluntarily offer information and very useful ones at that. I do not bribe (or tip - if that's how you wish to clothe it) them. You may choose to, if you think your lips can't do the extra mile. But, do it at your own risk.

All watchmen are skilled labor...they excel in logging Zs.

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