Hyderabad Diaries

Monday, May 22, 2006

Talking matter

Brain-spark from half-a-dozen exchanges over phone, sms and chat with people as varied as you'd find in an Indian wedding at the Madison Square Garden.

Some words that helped me string this together: "structural changes", "atoms", "inner fortress", "evolution", "elevation" "crossing paths", "mentor", "priorities", "opinion". There maybe a handful more but I dont seem to continue to have the inclination to persist. No! That doesn't have to do with gas...just me on a normal day.

Okay, basics indeed:

  • They want you but they don't care much if you aint around...OH! Being a Beyonce, Gates or Beckham doesn't change it much.
  • They flash that toothy grin and plot over pulling that ground beneath your feet. If you are Angad (of the Indian mythology fame) I might want to see how you hold post.
  • Sharing notes on cricket scores, boyfriends, food and nailpaints is universal truth. But temme if you didnt shut up when it's pay-hike, job-switch, expecting a baby or inheritance.
  • It's okay to eat after a cat-fight, street-brawl or household squabble. It'll all find its exit space next morning.
  • Go on, sweat some more...don't come to me if your face is making the canvas to showcase crow's feet and other artistic brilliance.
  • Music rocks any day...wailing babies for a mobile alert is not music. Mr Reshammiya, the deal stays. We won't talk about you.
  • Red shirt is not formal clothing. If you insist on continuing, maybe you should match it with black pants, plastic horns and a trident.
  • If you are at the doors of a crowded elevator, let go! That's right, one more will not matter much...one less will.
  • Vacuuming the house or a drive to the grocer store is not physical exercise. Nope! not even eating pizza leftovers.
  • In him you may trust, but it's advisable to check if you fastened your seat-belts right and quit having 'password' for passcodes.
  • Animals only bite and we found a cure for it. Women claw, bite, cry foul and gossip. Do you still want to mess with them?