Hyderabad Diaries

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Home in frames

Tormenting days past, I now (since Nov 2005...mercy! I sound like the Raymonds ad) have a shelter in a 3-bed apartment in an area that's just adequately dotted n lined with people. About 10-kms far from my work place but I like it that way.

If I loved working all that much, I might just cradle in the monster arms of Cyber Gateway and save a fortune in peanuts I earn.

So, just when you feel lost in the web of classified ads I thought you should give these pics a look. My guarantee, you'd either say, "wow! cool." or "Sheesh. Come see mine..it is a studio apartment."

Enter here >>

follow me >>

ushered in >>

To the left >>

Honing culinary prowess>>

To the right >>

And, if your eyes didnt light up >>

Am home, are you?! :-)